Fresh Tea

After Water, Tea is the World's Most Popular drink.

Tea is made from the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant has its natural ‘aroma’.. The leaves are dark green in color and are glossy and fair... Based on the method of process the Green Leaf, Black Tea is divided into two major categories: Cut, Tear and Crul [CTC] Tea and Orthodox Tea. We supply fine tea in Bulk packing and in customized packs as per customers requirement with good quality and flavored Black and Green tea.





Broken Pekoe Tea

Broken Orange Pekoe Tea

Broken Orange Pekoe Tea

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Tea Dust

CTC Black Tea

Pekoe Fannings Tea

Pekoe Dust Tea

Green Tea - Grade A

Green Tea - Grade B

Green Tea - Grade C

Green Tea Premium Quality

Green Tea Premium Quality

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Organic Green Tea

Black Tea

Flavored Tea

Herbal tea

Leaf Tea

Green Herbal Tea

Green Tea Drink


Assam Tea

Green Tea

Green Tea leaves

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